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What is “We Hack The Future”?

We hack the future is a unique program, the result of combining Grupo Founders and Vixerant. It’s a program that includes challenges, training and developments in order to discover abilities and build innovative companies. 

The process ends with a Hackathon that is part of the business proposal.

Grupo Founders is a lead incubator for high tech companies, and Vixerant is an organization that leads the development and application of agile methodologies, and that has developed more than 17 hackathons in 250 projects within latinamerica. We Hack The Future is a unique process that combines practical business intelligence with an 100% virtual platform, in order to develop concrete innovation. 

It’s much more than a series of workshops, training, and digital events. Our methodology is based on concrete problems and validated needs, presented by partners and allies, awaiting for innovative solutions. 

Why choose We Hack The Future? Our value proposal

We Hack The Future is different than any other known digital experience because it works with validated problems from our partners and allies, who need concrete solutions, new digital tools, or simply a specific entrepreneur profile. 

We are much more than just a series of digital events, based on uploaded videos. Not only do we host training and workshops, but we propose challenges that must be solved, in order to channel energy, drive and passion, into concrete solutions. 

We part from challenges or problems that we identified from business partners such as industry players, accelerators, company builders and investors. Based on that requirement we develop the program and set up the challenges. We have an unique approach building teams aiming to find proper operative teams, new ideas and technology.

The end goal of the process is to form new technology based companies.